The German Books are books featuring the The Three Investigators which were written and published in Germany after the Crimebusters series ended in 1990.

German publisher Kosmos started in 1993 to publish new books written by German authors. Until 2012, over 90 new volumes have been added to the series.

German "American-English" SeriesEdit

In 2005, the German publisher Kosmos started to translate some of the stories into English. As these translations are intented for english classes in schools, the reading level is quite low. The Three Investigators have their German names in these books (Justus Jonas instead of Jupiter Jones, Peter Shaw instead of Pete Crenshaw, only Bob keeps both his names), and they are not referred to as "The Three Investigators," but as "Die Drei ???" (literally, "The Three Question Marks").


(Original German titles in italics)

  1. The Curse of the Cell Phone (Hexenhandy) (2005, by André Minninger)
  2. Poisoned E-mail (Gift per E-Mail) (2005, by Ben Nevis)
  3. Soccer Mania (Fussballfieber) (2006, by Marco Sonnleitner)
  4. The Haunted Ship (Das Geisterschiff) (2006, by André Marx)
  5. Valley of Horror (Tal des Schreckens) (2007, by Ben Nevis)
  6. The Mystery of the Ghost Train (Der Geisterzug) (2007, by Astrid Vollenbruch)
  7. Hidden Fouls (Verdeckte Fouls) (2008, by Ben Nevis)
  8. The Pirate's Curse (Fluch des Piraten) (2008, by Ben Nevis)
  9. Web Phantom (Spuk im Netz) (2009, by Astrid Vollenbruch)
  10. The Pharaoh's Message (SMS aus dem Grab) (2009, by Ben Nevis)
  11. Soccer Trap (Fußball-Falle) (2010, by Marco Sonnleitner)
  12. Ghost Village (Das versunkene Dorf) (2010, by André Marx)
  13. Hollywood Horrors (Schatten über Hollywood) (2011, by Astrid Vollenbruch)
  14. Evil Games (Spur ins Nichts) (2011, by André Marx)

German "PONS" SeriesEdit

These translations include an abridged version of the original story both in German and English, plus a vocabulary part and grammar exercises. Accompanying the books are CDs containing narrated audio versions of the English texts. These books refer to the protagonists as "The Three Investigators," not "Die Drei ???" as in the American-English editions.


(Original German titles in italics)

  1. Arctic Adventure (Tödliches Eis) (2009, by Kari Erlhoff)
  2. Mysterious Testament (Das Erbe des Meisterdiebs) (2009, by André Marx)
  3. Vampire City (Stadt der Vampire) (2009, by Marco Sonnleitner)
  4. Dangerous Quiz Show (Gefährliches Quiz) (2009, by Marco Sonnleitner)
  5. Black Madonna (Schwarze Madonna) (2009, by Astrid Vollenbruch)
  6. Soccer Gangsters (Fußball-Gangster) (2009, by Brigitte-Johanna Henkel-Waidhofer)
  7. The Canyon of Demons (Schlucht der Dämonen) (2010, by Marco Sonnleitner)
  8. The Bite of the Beast (Der Biss der Bestie) (2010, by Kari Erlhoff)
  9. The Master of Death (Der Meister des Todes) (2011, by Kari Erlhoff)

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