Skinny Norris
  Nationality  American  
  Gender  Male  
  Allies  His group of friends  
  Enemies  The Three Investigators  
  First Appearance  The Secret of the Terror Castle.  
  Last Appearance  The Mystery of the Headless Horse.  
E. Skinner "Skinny" Norris was a rival of the sleuths, and has made several attempts to defeat them. As a legal resident of another state that had a lower age restriction, than California, for driving, he could possess a driving license, unlike The Three Investigators.[1]

Right from when the sleuths started their firm, he had proved to be a hindrance for them. When Bob Andrews was searching information about the Terror Castle in the library, he had left one of the firm's business cards with "Terror Castle" written behind. Skinny saw this and quickly came to the Terror Castle to hinder their investigations.[1]

Some time later, he had come to know about the sleuths searching for the parrots, through a friend. He, to hinder them, helped Huganay find them, and even bought one parrot for himself.[2].

Later in the books he even traps the three sleuths in a room and plots to steal a ranch from one of their friends named Diego Alvaro, and as punishment for being quite diabolical, he was sent to a military school by his father.[3]

References Edit

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