Well, those who are editing now (there are only two currently, but whatever, must surely know that I've adopted it, and that I'm the only active admin and bureaucrat. Well, since becoming an admin, I've made several changes to the wiki. Some of them are the changing of the theme, which was pure black previously, changing the wordmark, or logo, which was created by Bahjy1. I've also added the button for easily adding the template used to cite content from novels, through JavaScript, in the editing window, a few days ago. I've also added some instrustions on how to add the copyright template in the special:upload page, through a MediaWiki message. I don't think anyone who reads this blog cares, but I've been thinking to change quite a few more things.

One of them is asking the Content Team, or rather, the Community Development Team, to make a better background image, and possibly redesign the main page, too. I've also found a possible source for all of the internal illustrations, and the covers.

I am mainly creating this blog to ask about your (I know no one will answer, but in case someone does, I appreciate them) opinions on these, and what you think can be added to the improvements I've done.

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